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CRM-Powered Messaging

Easily integrate your Salesforce or Zoho CRM for impactful and compliant messaging across top communication channels. Built for sales growth, operations, and customer service teams who need their communications to be results-driven, valuable, and trusted.

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Smart Features, Smarter Messaging

  • 01 CRM Content Personalization
  • 02 Multichannel Messaging
  • 03 Compliance Protection
  • 04 Plug-and-Play Solution

Set up and send hyper-personalized messaging campaigns that pick information from your CRM - regardless of what you're using!

Increase engagement, improve trust, and deliver automated messages exactly as scheduled.



Reach your audience through text, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, and RCS messaging.

Ensure personalized, compliant, and timely multichannel communications for maximum engagement.



Ensure Always-on global compliance with hassle-free controls and registration processes.

Stay worry-free knowing that your messages, campaigns, and customer preferences meet all privacy and regulatory standards - across industries and geographies.



Kickstart your messaging and campaigns with a ready-to-deploy platform.

Enjoy guided onboarding, pre-built messages, streamlined CRM plug-ins, and ready-to-use reporting dashboards.



"Our clients prefer communicating via SMS and SMS Magic helps us do this quickly. We can close business faster, which benefits our clients as well as our business. The integration within Salesforce makes it very efficient for our staff since they can text intuitively from within Salesforce. The mobile app is also a plus when they are away from their computer. This improves our relationship with our clients when we are available to respond to a quick text.”

Sue HigginsAdministrator, American Traveller

Tailored Messaging Across Industries

  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • Staffing/HR
  • Real Estate
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Travel & Hospitality



Use messaging to improve engagement and build better relationships with your clients

  • Pre-programmed messaging to respond to new client inbound inquiries and deliver real-time personalized responses.
  • Automatically schedule financial meetings, appointments and deliver RSVP reminders to increase show rates.
  • Engage website visitors with QR codes, chatbots, and CTA buttons to instigate new conversations and address finance inquiries.



Communicate with your customers during all stages of their customer lifecycle

  • 24/7 automated messaging capabilities across multiple channels to be available for customers questions, requests and guidance.
  • Ready-to-deploy website conversation tools and chat widgets to initiate a conversation and convert a new client.
  • Automated campaign nurture triggers deliver pre-programmed messages as soon as a lead is captured in the CRM.



Find talent faster, keep them engaged, and process documents more efficiently using messaging 

  • Hybrid messaging (chatbot + real person) to quickly and personally address applicants.
  • Coordinate interview scheduling automatically when human assistance is not available.
  • Quickly set up folders and tags to filter conversations by positions, candidates, qualifications, stage of application or keywords.

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Promote open houses, schedule viewings, and offer property advice over messaging

  • Use your business phone number to connect with buyers or sellers over text messaging to capture their details or set showings.
  • Exchange lease or purchase transaction documents and share updates based on CRM activities.
  • Offer buyers and sellers QR codes, chatbots, or CTA buttons to inquire about property listings or create a lead pipeline.



Conduct intakes, set up consultations, and send case updates over messaging

  • Automatically enable safe client chat engagements with communication consent capture, messaging compliance and data safety controls.
  • Pre-programmed messaging to address inbound legal inquiries and respond with real-time personalized responses.
  • Automatically schedule meetings and briefing appointments and deliver RSVP reminders to increase show rates.



Coordinate applications, recommend courses, and communicate with students and faculty over messaging

  • Multichannel messaging integrations across student preferred channels including WhatsApp, Facebook and more.
  • Use QR codes, chatbots, CTA buttons or shortcode communication options for easy conversation gateways.
  • Automatically schedule class meetings or advisor appointments and deliver RSVP reminders to increase show rates.



Coordinate and manage itineraries, bookings and services with customers, suppliers and  venues over messaging

  • Ready-to-deploy conversation tools and chat widgets to initiate conversations and quickly address travel, reservation or transportation needs.
  • Pre-built message automations for efficient document collections, payment reminders and pre-set reminder communications.
  • Make it easy for your clients to ask for and get help using text messaging with your company phone number.

Integrated Across Your Tech Stack

50+ Integrations across CRM platforms and technologies, start conversations without friction.

Your Conversation Platform - Managed by Experts

  • Integrate Messaging Components with your Objects, & Layouts.
  • Automate SMS via Flow, Process Builders or Apex with Converse Apps.
  • Contextual messaging with rich templates (Cross Objects, Junction, Child, and more).
  • Lookup/Associate Messages back to related/child Objects as well.
  • Being Native, SMS Magic works seamlessly with every Salesforce interface, Tool, API.
  • Run Campaigns using Salesforce data, list views, reports, and more.

We have a dedicated rep that is helpful by email and if needed will jump on a video call for questions and support. We highly recommend SMS Magic to anyone looking for tracking message with clients and reporting on the activity used with SMS Magic. They are also compliant with government regulations and assisted us on all aspects of our salesforce integration.

Kristian IgaravidezIT Director

Drive Business Outcomes Across Departments

Sales & Marketing
Sales & Marketing

Use data-enriched, personalized and bulk messaging and campaigns to engage buyers and customers throughout their lifecycle with meaningful and trusted interactions.

Account Services
Account Services

Offer valuable communication channels and immediate response experiences to support your customers at every step of the way.


Maximize business and operations communications efficiencies with messaging automation and  intelligent routing when a message needs a personal intercept . 

Customer Service
Customer Service

Integrate messaging with your call center system to engage missed calls and to reduce hold times and resolutions. 

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"SMS-Magic is a simple, powerful SMS solution for Salesforce that has become integral to our day-to-day operations."

Martin McCauleyDirector of Patient Services, BioSpine Institute

Transform Customer Engagement Across Channels