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Personalized, Powerful Messaging - Integrated With Your Zoho CRM

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SMS Magic Makes Messaging Easy

Enable, personalize, and centralize multichannel customer conversations through Zoho.

Make customer conversations smarter and faster than ever.

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Integrate Conversational Messaging With Your Zoho Account

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Drive one-to-one messaging from Zoho

Reply or follow up one-to-one with your contacts on Zoho, directly from agent and shared inboxes.

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Trigger automated texts to Zoho records

Automatically send key updates across messaging channels - personalized directly by your CRM.

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Send bulk messages to your Zoho contact lists

Deliver personalized bulk messages with custom CTAs or clickable short URLs to any of your Zoho list views or spreadsheet records.

Messaging Templates on Zoho with SMS-Magic
Create and use message templates

Publish selected templates for standard messages such as appointments, billing, alerts, or FAQs.

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Message Zoho records from your cell phone

Keep your agents and reps connected with your clients, candidates, or patients - even when they aren't at their desks.

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Automatically manage opt-ins and opt-outs

Enforce explicit opt-ins or opt-out compliance depending on your privacy policies and keep an audit trail.

"SMS Magic is great for integrating with Zoho One as it shows all incoming and outgoing messages in a clean, concise inbox, in addition to automatically adding all correspondence to the lead or contact's profile. Anytime there is an issue, their team are available to help quickly"

Holly NewmanCross-Functional Marketer

"We have hardly scratched the surface of SMS Magic within our organization and it already blows the competition out of the water! Exceptional service. Detailed analytics. Scheduled SMS messages. That is just the start!"

David LordOperations Expert

Set Up Messaging For Zoho In Three Simple Steps

  • Sign up for SMS Magic from Zoho Marketplace and authenticate the integration.

  • Use the one-click setup to install and configure messaging for your Zoho apps.

  • Add your messaging users and templates and get started sending automated or 1:1 messages to your Zoho records.

SMS Magic Experts Can Make It Easy For You

  • Integrate Messaging Components with your Objects, & Layouts.
  • Automate SMS via Flow, Process Builders or Apex with Converse Apps.
  • Contextual messaging with rich templates (Cross Objects, Junction, Child etc.).
  • Lookup/Associate Messages back to related/child Objects as well.
  • Being Native, SMS Magic Works well with every Salesforce interface, Tool, API.
  • Run Campaigns using Salesforce data, list views, reports etc.

See SMS-Magic In Action!

confirm appoSend Appointment Reminders

Remind clients, candidates, or patients about upcoming appointments to decrease no-show rates.

directResolve Support Requests

Provide customer service over messaging and turn clients, candidates, or patients into happy brand advocates.

new leedsRespond to Inquiries

Automatically receive and answer website and phone call inquiries over messaging and across different digital channels.

"The platform was easy to set up and use and we were sending texts immediately! The support team was extremely helpful and responsive to our needs and questions. Several weeks in now and our experience has been fantastic."

Andrew Tinkl General Manager

Value For Your Business

Human Driven Conversations

Enable human-driven conversations to interact with new leads and generate revenue for the businesses.

Automation Driven Conversations

Automate journeys to deliver information to clients and drive faster business outcomes.

Campaign to Conversations

Run campaigns to increase process efficiency and reduce time taken to reach the clients.

Response Management

Manage responses effectively to efficiently drive sales and service conversations.

Compliance Management

Adhere to regional and telecom regulations, and automate the processes to obtain consent and revoke consent as per the guidelines.

Notifications Receive timely and targeted notifications to ensure timely responses to the incoming messages.  

Deploy The Best Conversational Messaging Solution

Got Questions?

With which Zoho applications can I integrate messaging using SMS Magic?

SMS Magic helps you integrate messaging with Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Desk and Zoho Recruit.

Which Zoho editions do you support?

SMS Magic supports the Standard, Professional, Enterprise, CRM Plus, Zoho One, and Ultimate
editions of Zoho.

Can I connect my existing phone numbers with SMS Magic for messaging?

Yes, you can connect your long codes, toll-free numbers, or short codes with SMS Magic in one of the three ways:
Use your existing number and telecom provider
Use your existing number with SMS Magic’s providers
Get a new texting number from SMS Magic

You can also use SMS Magic with your Twilio, Aircall, Vonage, Talk Desk, or contact center numbers. For setting up non-SMS channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and LINE, please refer to respective channel pages.

I need to reach clients across the globe. Which countries does SMS Magic support messaging for?

SMS Magic partners with telecom carriers across the globe and supports multi-regional compliances to help you send and receive messages with stellar delivery rates across 190+ countries. If you serve clients globally, SMS Magic is your messaging solution!